Collection Services


All six (6) DSC locations can also serve as a collection facilities if you are already in a testing program. Meaning, if you utilize another TPA or have your own in house program, we can still complete your testing requirements. We can come to your site or you can send your employees into one of our sites with your required testing form(s). We can also store your forms at our facility; or we are able to utilize Electronic Chain of Custody through Form Fox; or with an E-Screen passport.




DSC is a FormFox® partner and collection site.

The FormFox® Product Suite addresses the complex, variable processes found in the drug testing industry while meeting the unique needs of each participant, with ease and scale. FormFox® technology seamlessly connects those who participate in workplace screening programs, including employers, collectors, laboratories, TPAs and MROs to critical data and to one another. Improving quality, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance of screening programs with Smarter Workflows helps to ensure workplace health and safety.

FormFox® is the leading Electronic Custody and Control (ECCF) solution in the industry because we understand that software has to make your job easier. Their “Common Platform” approach has proven to do just that, allowing sites to perform collections for any participating lab in a single platform. FormFox® is also highly configurable to meet your needs for both referred business and house accounts. It can support POCT, BAT, laboratory-based urine, hair, and oral fluid procedures. FormFox® is also the leading DOT physical exam application, including complete data integration with FMCSA’s CDME program. Having so much available within a single platform makes it easy; simplified training, comprehensive support, and access to increased business opportunity.

If you are a FormFox® user or would like to find out more of what a EECF solution could do for your company, contact DSC for further information.