Paternity and Siblingship DNA Test


DNA Testing

DNA testing is the most accurate method of establishing paternity. These tests are held in strict confidentiality by our team. Our licensed professionals can conduct your DNA paternity test at a competitive price. Sample collection is painless and easily obtained using a buccal swab (mouth swab). We can also analyze different types of samples as long as they contain cellular material.

Other types of samples can include tubes of blood, blood spot card, or even those that are forensic-type. Forensic samples such as cigarette butts, toothbrushes or envelopes sealed with saliva can be used to conduct a DNA paternity test on a deceased individual.

Additionally, prenatal DNA testing can be performed on the unborn child through samples collected by a physician using techniques such as amniocentesis or CVS. Since DNA is identical in every cell in a person's body, all sample types give the same results with equal accuracy. Basic paternity determinations are 99.9% inclusive of the father and 100% accurate in excluding a person who is not the father of the child.

Most people choose a legally-binding test, in case the results are needed in court. The basic DNA paternity test requires samples from the mother, alleged father, and the child. If the mother is unavailable, testing can still be performed using more extensive procedures. The parents must have a photo ID and the child a birth certificate. Appointments must be scheduled in advance and are offered at all six locations. Worry not, because we also offer on-site DNA testing to those who can’t go to our facilities.

Prenatal Paternity Testing

Lou’s Clinical Laboratory and Drug Screen Compliance offers prenatal DNA paternity test. Our qualified experts can give you accurate results and ensure confidentiality.

Lou’s Clinical Laboratory is one of the few laboratories in the Permian Basin to offer prenatal paternity testing. The mother must be at least 10 weeks pregnant or more. Our certified phlebotomist will collect blood specimens from the mother and the alleged father. Most test results are received within five business days. This test is admissible in court. To schedule an appointment for a prenatal DNA paternity test, please contact our Odessa or Midland office.

DNA Siblingship Testing

There are several reasons why a possible father may not be able to participate in testing: he may not be willing, he may be unavailable, or he may no longer be living, just to name a few. So is it possible to do a DNA paternity test without the father? Yes!

When two people are trying to figure out if they share the same father, DSC can perform a sibling DNA test. This test determines whether two individuals share one or both parents.

If the father is unavailable for a DNA paternity test, we first recommend to conduct grandparent DNA testing. If the father’s parents are also not available, the sibling DNA test is an indirect way to determine family relationships, including paternity.

There are many potential uses for the Sibling DNA Test including:

  • Immigration visa
  • Social Security benefits
  • Personal knowledge

Drug Screen Compliance has different methods of DNA testing. To know which one is best for you, schedule an appointment for a DNA paternity test by calling or sending us an email.