Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a TPA?

Consortium/Third Party Administrator - A service agent that provides or coordinates the provision of a variety of drug and alcohol testing services to employeers. C/TPAs typically perform administrative tasks concerning the operation of the employeer's drug and alcohol testing programs including compliance with DOT regulations and/or Specific Client Requirements.

2Does the employer have to fill out all of these compliance forms and return to the auditor themselves?

If you are a member of our Random Program (utilizing DSC as you C/TPA) we will provide this service to you. We will also keep your required employee list and their testing information updated on the auditor's.

3Is self pay drug test information kept confidential?

Yes, your self pay personal drug test information will be kept confidential.

4Can I use a previous drug test for another future employer?

No, every company needs a pre-employment test for their new hires of that company on file in case of an audit.

Drug Testing

1At which Laboratory does my drug screen get tested?

Drug Screen Compliance utilizes two SAMHSA certified laboratories. Specimens will be sent to either Quest Diagnostics or Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL).

2Can DSC come out to your location for testing?

Yes! All six of DSC's locations offer on site collections services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

3Is an appointment needed for a drug test, lab work or physical?

No, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment for a drug test or lab work. Just walk in. If you need a physical please contact the reception desk at the office you will visit to schedule an appointment.

4What is the turnaround time for a urine drug screen?

DSC usually has a result on a negative test within 24 hours. If further testing is needed it could take up to 72 hours to get a result.

5Does the donor get a copy of the drug screen results?

If it is a self-pay test for personal use, yes the person paying for the test will receive the results. If it is a test for a company and paid for by the company, the donor will not receive a copy of the drug screen result. The result will be sent to the company that requested and will pay for the test. If the donor needs a copy of a company test, they will have to consult with the employer to get a copy.

6What do I need to do if I have a non-negative DOT drug test?

If you have a non-negative test result and it is a DOT test, you will need to attend a Substance Abuse Program (SAP). After completing the SAP you will be assigned to take a observed Return To Duty drug test. Follow-up testing will be assigned by the SAP at the donors expense.

Hair Testing

1What is the turnaround time on a hair follicle test?

It will take up to 5 business days for a hair follicle result.

2How far back can a hair follicle test detect if any substances were used?

The hair follicle test can detect drugs as far back as three months.

3Does DSC offer a 5 or 10 panel hair follicle test?

DSC offers the 5 panel hair follicle test that we perform at our office by a certified collector.

4Are the DNA tests that we perform admissible in court?

Yes, all DNA tests are signed by a certified scientist.

5Can DSC come to your site for testing?

Yes! All six DSC locations offer on-site collection services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.