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Paternity tests are widely used in the US court system and the rest of the world as a precise method of establishing an admissible relationship between a child and their possible father. Highly regarded by both legal and scientific communities, there are several advantages you can get from using this method.

Benefits of DNA Paternity Testing

Beyond the infallible results this test can produce, it also provides additional emotional, mental, and even legal assurance to whoever goes through the process.

Irrefutable Truth

Since the tests are highly reliable, it removes any doubt about the child’s real paternity. The test gives you more than just answers. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have proof you can use in a suit or casual agreement.

Lawful Evidence

There are multiple reasons why someone would consider DNA testing. The most common is that of establishing blood relations through genetic proof. It offers advantages in legal proceedings you might be involved in, such as child support cases, custody rights, and even inheritance claims.

Legally performed tests can assure you rightful financial support arrangements. It can also include social security benefits regardless of who gains custody of the child.

Emotional Bonds

Proving that a child is a man’s flesh and blood opens more possibilities for the joys and duties of fatherhood. Once the father’s identity is confirmed, he can lawfully request for custody or exercise his right to maintain a relationship with the child.

True Identity

Knowing one’s biological roots may not be necessary to become a fully functioning adult, but it can still be integral to the development of one’s self-image and identity. Providing the child the truth about their father can help them understand more about themselves in the long run.

Aside from the psychological effects of knowing their parentage, it is also highly beneficial in terms of medical history. If the father is known, one would have an idea about the possible medical conditions the child would also have based on their paternal ancestry.

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A paternity test can provide the answer that can benefit everyone involved. We provide state of the art DNA paternity tests with licensed professional services. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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