How To Handle Positive Drug Test Results: An Employer’s Guide

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May 9, 2023
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Positive drug test results among employees can be a challenging situation for employers to navigate. Understanding how to handle these cases effectively is crucial to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Let us discuss the steps employers can take when their employees test positive for drugs.

Confirm the Positive Result 

When an employee tests positive for drugs, it is recommended to conduct a confirmatory test to validate the initial result. Confirmatory testing, typically performed in a laboratory setting, uses more accurate techniques such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). This step helps minimize the risk of false positives and provides a solid basis for any subsequent actions or discussions.

Maintain Confidentiality and Privacy

Handling positive drug test results with utmost confidentiality and privacy is critical. Only individuals directly involved in the testing process should have access to the information. Employers must ensure that the employee’s privacy rights are respected throughout the process, keeping all details strictly confidential and separate from personnel records. Maintaining confidentiality helps preserve trust and professionalism in the workplace.

Review the Employee’s Rights 

Employers must be familiar with the legal rights and protections afforded to employees in cases of positive drug test results. Understanding relevant federal, state, and local laws will guide employers in determining appropriate actions, such as disciplinary measures or employee assistance programs (EAPs). Consulting with legal counsel can provide additional guidance to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Initiate a Conversation and Provide Support 

Once the positive drug test result is confirmed, the employer should have a respectful and supportive conversation with the employee. This discussion should be conducted in a private setting, allowing the employee to share their side of the story.

Employers should listen attentively, express concerns regarding workplace safety and performance, and explain the consequences outlined in the drug testing policy. Offering access to EAPs or counseling services shows commitment to the employee’s well-being and rehabilitation, while also addressing any potential underlying issues that may have contributed to drug use.

Consistently Follow Company Policy 

Employers should ensure consistent application of their drug testing policies and consequences. Treating all employees equally and fairly when addressing positive drug tests is essential for maintaining a harmonious work environment. Consistency in enforcing consequences, such as suspension, termination, or rehabilitation programs, reinforces the message that drug use is not tolerated by the company.

A reliable drug screening facility can be your company’s partner in preventing and managing substance use/abuse among employees. If you need drug testing services in Texas, get in touch with Drug Screen Compliance.

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