Understanding the Different Stages of Addiction Recovery

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October 17, 2021
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October 18, 2021
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Addiction recovery isn’t a linear process. The first step in overcoming substance abuse starts with understanding the six stages of addiction recovery. It is crucial to dissect the importance of these stages to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Here are the six main stages of change in addiction recovery:

1. Precontemplation

In this stage, people have yet to admit to themselves they have a problem. More than likely, they deny their issues or believe anyone who might point out their problem exaggerates it.

2. Contemplation

In this stage of change, a person realizes they have a problem. However, they are still contemplating it, and they haven’t made a change by committing themselves to a specific strategy. They may have a list of reasons why their addiction is wrong and why it has negatively impacted their life, but they still cannot make the first step toward change.

3. Preparation

The person is ready to take action in resolving their issues. In this stage, individuals begin to plan their steps toward their recovery by seeking help from a professional and committing themselves to treatment.

4. Action

In this stage, individuals try positive behaviors and develop new life skills. They identify high-risk situations and develop coping strategies to overcome them.

5. Maintenance

This stage involves a great deal of inner strength, dedication, and total commitment to recovery. It also takes time and effort to sustain any change. As the person becomes more decisive in their recovery process, the threat of going back to their old negative habits becomes less of a reality.

6. Termination

In this stage, people who have dealt with substance abuse no longer see their former drug or drink of choice as threatening or triggering. They feel confident living life without substances and fear relapse less and less every day.

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