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Knowing which person to hire out of a pool of candidates can be a challenge. Sometimes, you’ll come across two employees with virtually equal experience and potential. When you’re put in this situation, the right screening methods and tests can help you make the best possible choice for your company. Here are a few screening tests and options you can use to help you hire the right people the first time around.

Criminal Background Checks

When hiring someone for your company, you want to know for sure that all of the information they’re providing on their resume is trustworthy. After all, there’s little to stop someone from not telling the full truth on their resume or cover letter. Running criminal background checks and previous employer background checks give you the confirmation you need that a candidate is trustworthy and telling the truth in their application materials.

Drug And Alcohol Testing

Not every position will necessarily require drug testing, but it’s one possible measure that can be used to predict a future employee’s behavior. After all, employed drug users are absent from work 20 times more often than their drug-free colleagues. Several types of drug tests exist for employees, including hair follicle drug tests, urine drug tests, and more. Picking the right one will help you gather the information you’re looking for on job candidates.

Employee Driving Record Checks

Finally, if a job candidate will be required to be behind the wheel while on the clock, you’ll want to conduct employee driving record checks. This ensures that you’re only putting safe drivers behind the wheel of your company vehicle or machinery. If one candidate has a clean driving record while the other doesn’t, this can help you select your future employee for a position that requires on-the-job driving.

Hiring the right employee can be a difficult choice, but using the proper screening measures and tests can help you feel confident that you’ve made the right decision. Using the right tests can allow you to gather the most important information for your decision-making process. For more information or to learn more about various screening measures for new hires, contact Drug Screen Compliance today.

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