Benefits of Workplace Drug Screening and Pre-employment Background Checks
April 28, 2020
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May 29, 2020
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Many employers use drug screening during the hiring process to make sure that potential employees are drug-free and complying with state law. But it’s also beneficial to implement a drug-testing program for current employees, too.

If you’re suspicious of drug use in your workplace and you have a just cause to drug screen existing employees, it may be a good idea to consider drug and alcohol testing. Just be sure to check your state law’s limitations on drug screening. Here are a few benefits of implementing urine drug tests for existing employees with just cause:

1. It guarantees employee safety. According to the American Management Association, only 62% of employers in the U.S. implemented drug testing programs with the intention of guaranteeing the safety of their workforce, complying with state regulations, protecting their organization’s reputation, and developing a drug-free environment. When you believe a current employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they’re on the job, their behavior can put themselves and others at risk for injury or death.

2. It reduces absenteeism. When your employee is frequently missing work or coming in late, it can take a toll on your other employees who need to work harder to make up for the lost productivity. By drug screening suspicious employees and analyzing their drug test results, you can reduce absenteeism in your workplace and maintain productivity and company culture.

3. It reduces turnover. High turnover rates can cost your company a lot of money in lost productivity. It also makes it difficult to establish a good company culture and a safe work environment. Drug screening existing employees that display suspicious behavior reduces turnover because it ensures your current workers are serious about their jobs.

4. It maintains your company’s reputation. Your company’s reputation is vital. Screening existing employees displaying intoxicated behavior can put your company’s name at risk and reduces trust between your organization and your target audience.

5. It helps your employees. By identifying an employee with a potential drug or alcohol problem, you may be able to offer them help by providing them with the resources they need to get sober or rehabilitated.

It’s recommended for organizations to have a drug screening program both during the initial hiring process and after. For more information on drug test kits and drug test results, contact Drug Screen Compliance today.

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