Benefits of Workplace Drug Screening and Pre-employment Background Checks

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As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your employees. You need to ensure they’re safe and healthy. By doing so, you can count on them to be lively to finish tasks throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, some individuals take abusive substances to condition their mind and body for work. Although these may hype them up and help fulfill their duties, the cons overweigh the pros. 

For instance, employees under the influence of drugs may hurt their colleagues. Apart from that, they may end up hurting themselves while working with heavy machinery and equipment. 

To avoid these scenarios, companies conduct random drug testing at their workplace. Those who test positive for drug use would usually face sanctions. On the other hand, some would be encouraged to undergo rehabilitation. Their respective companies welcome them back once they are clean. Apart from random tests, most employers require drug screening as a workers’ pre-employment requirement.

Overall, workplace drug testing can be beneficial for both employers and employees. Here’s why:

  • A drug-free environment has less risk for crime and violence to occur in the workplace.
  • It discourages employees from taking prohibited drugs as they know that random tests might occur anytime. 
  • A drug-free workplace reflects a positive company reputation. Thus, the business can earn the trust of many potential investors and clients.

Criminal Background Checks

Nowadays, employers also conduct criminal background checks on their newly hires. It checks an individual’s criminal history, locally and internationally.

A background check also confirms whether all information, such as educational attainment and previous employment, declared by an employee are true. You can know work-related details as its findings include interviews with an employee’s former employers or colleagues. 

Turn to Drug Screen Compliance

Keep your employees safe from the dangers of using drugs with our help at Drug Screen Compliance. We offer comprehensive drug testing services. You can also count on us to perform professional background checks on your new employees. Get in touch with us so we can discuss how we can be of service to you.

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