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March 30, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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If you’ve been offered a new job recently, chances are high you will be asked to take a drug and alcohol test. A drug and alcohol test is a really easy way for employers to know if you have consumed illegal drugs or have been drinking recently. Many employers are against hiring people that frequently use illegal drugs, and many companies are required to screen applicants for alcohol under certain circumstances.

While drug and alcohol tests may seem pretty cut and dry, they’re actually a few misconceptions about them. Many people think certain things about these specific tests that are actually completely untrue. Here are some common myths about drug and alcohol test and the actual truth about them.

Marijuana Stays in Your Body for a Long Period of Time

You have probably heard this one time and time again. Many people believe that if you smoke marijuana, it’s going to be stuck in your body for months or years to come. Because of this, people think that since the drug days in your body for a long time, it can easily be detected by drug screening. Some people that have used marijuana in the past might think to turn down a drug test, turn down a job, or try to fake their test. However, it’s important to know that depending on the concentration of the drug, a chronic user will often only produce a positive urine drug test only seven days or less since their last use.

When screening for drug use within the last five days, urine tests are the most accurate. In some rare cases, the drug might show up 10 to 21 days after the last use. For those who occasionally smoke marijuana, they would only test positive three to seven days after the last use. So, if this is been worrying you, keep the numbers in mind.

Drugs in the Workplace Shouldn’t Matter

Some people think that using drugs in the workplace doesn’t actually impact safety or productivity. However, it’s been proven that drugs and alcohol are actually the cause of one in six fatalities in the workplace. Many people have actually been seriously injured while under the influence in the workplace. It’s important to note that even if you think you’re going to be okay, you should probably avoid using drugs and drinking alcohol while you’re at work or before going in.

”False Positives” are Non-Existent

If you have a serious medical condition or are currently on medication that could show a red flag during a drug test, there’s really no need to worry. If you do take a drug test and haven’t used drugs or drank alcohol, but the Test shows positive for use, the medical review officer will sit down with you and talk about the results. That is the time when you can discuss your current medical situation with them and tell them why the test came back positive. If they find that your reasoning checks out, they will send the results report back to the company with a negative drug screen.

Drug and alcohol testing can be stressful, and they’re even more worrisome when you have false information. Take a look at the common misconceptions listed above before going in for a drug and alcohol test.

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