Industries that Require Drug Testing and Why They Do It

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April 12, 2018
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When looking for a job, you can expect to have to fill out mounds of paperwork, talk to many different people, and put your best foot forward. But some industries in which you might be applying to may require you to submit to a drug test. So which industries typically ask you to take drug tests and why do they do that? Let’s find out.


Transportation Industry

If you’re applying to be a train conductor, a school bus driver, or any other position that requires you to operate a transportation unit, you’ll typically be asked to take a drug and alcohol test. The Department of Transportation requires you to do this to ensure that you’re able to get a large group of people from one place to another safely. Any role that requires the operation of an 18-wheeler or semi truck has similar requirements.


Construction Industry

Drug use within any construction-related job is extremely dangerous. And unfortunately, it’s pretty common. This is a major reason why it’s required to have clean urine drug test results if you’re operating heavy machinery, working on roofs, doing masonry work, or paving the roads. These urine drug test results will let the employer know whether you’ve had any illegal substances. Now testing isn’t always done in this field, as some workers fall under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s requirements for testing. But most companies will still require clean urine drug test results anyway. A survey on urine drug testing shows nearly 75% of adult illicit drug users are employed, which causes American businesses to lose about $81 billion a year.


Sports Industry

If you haven’t heard about drug-related scandals and athletes, you probably don’t know anyone that pays attention to sports. Unfortunately, some athletes will use drugs to help enhance their performance and have unfair advantages. This is a major reason why many athletic organizations including the NBA, the NCAA, and the NFL require mandatory drug testing to prevent any of their players from going down the wrong path.


Overall, drug screening can improve people’s safety, can help save the company money in lost equipment, and can even decrease crime. Employers tend to want their employees to be productive, and if they’re using drugs and alcohol, it may be hard to get the job done.

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