March 30, 2018

Pros and Cons of an At-Home Drug Test

If you’re applying for jobs, you’ll likely be asked to complete a drug test if you’ve been offered a position. The drug test could be in […]
February 8, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Cheat a Drug Test

Applying for jobs and going on interviews can be pretty stressful. However, if you recently smoked marijuana or used other drugs and have been offered a […]
January 11, 2018

Alcohol Screening 101: All You Need to Know About Alcohol Tests

When someone applies for a new job, part of the application process is often a drug test. Employers take this simple step to ensure that their […]
December 29, 2017
hair follicle drug test

Hair Follicle Drug Screening: Everything You Need to Know about the Test

For those who may be in the process of job hunting, you may be asked to submit to a drug test. The most common drug test […]